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Current project: Voice @ menopause

Under the umbrella of gender studies and female health education, this project aims at documenting female voice and speech during menopause, so that the impacts of menopause on females’ working conditions and quality of life can be assessed. 

A multi-methodological approach involving interviews, survey questionnaire, multi-channel voice recordings, perceptual voice evaluations, multimedia documentaries and audio-visual educational packages is used to promote sustainable voice-related working abilities in growing numbers of female ageing professional voice users. 

We hope to promote equal educational opportunities to all females who seek voice-related health and well-being, especially those undergoing menopausal changes and those whose work much depends on the quality of their voices, i.e., professional female voice users. 

Other scientific and technological aims include the development of practical strategies to habilitate the voice in a heathy manner. 

This project is funded by the Programa de Atracción de Talento Investigador de la Comunidad de Madrid, Ref.: 2018-T1/HUM-12172 

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