An excellent book to realize how menopause may affect some women’s voices and their singing careers. The book also brings into discussion the copying strategies used to keep up with singing despite vocal, physical and psychological changes a woman may experienced in association with significant changes  of female sex hormones.

“Singing through change” constitutes an excellent overview of how voice changes across the menopausal transition.

More than 50 interviews have been thoroughly analyzed, providing knowledge on vocal, physical and psychological changes singers experience in association with female sex hormonal variations across menopausal stages.

As coping strategies for maintaining functional singing are also discussed, these book is a guide for both singers and teachers. Overall, it is an inspiring resource to anyone interested in the female voice.

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Lã, F.M.B. (2012). Teaching Singing and Technology. In: Basa KS, ed. Aspects of Singing II – Unit in Understanding – Diversity in Aesthetics. . Nürnberg VoxHumana

A chapter from Aspects of Singing 2, a book edited by DBG with the colaboration of EVTA.